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Nov 30, 2012 – 7:00 PM

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  • Twiztid
  • Hed PE
  • Lil Wyte

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Twiztid: Pop music is a bloated, rotting corpse and The Wicked Shit is the undead pulse hidden deep within. If you look into the shadows, past the smoke and mirrors of MTV and playlist radio, and into the cold, hard streets, you’ll find the underground of music. A place where innovation thrives and inspiration drives. Unapologetic, unique artists have carved a niche for fans fed up with the glamour-mag faces and spoon-fed lyrics of modern music, and offer them something more.

Where most rappers celebrate the urban lifestyle with the same old themes and the same old image, Twiztid peel away the gloss and expose the innards. With an oversized butcher knife. They take the hard edge of theatrical rock-and-roll and temper it with gritty hip-hop to create a musical monstrosity so dangerously real it must be hidden with facepaint. These aren’t casual gangsters; their painted personas let them explore the darkest corners of the human psyche, from superhero fantasies to horror film legacies. With their ruthless raps, they can explore every recess of their audience’s experiences, every sentimental reflection and every sinister urge. By becoming something unreal, they are free to be real. Whether it’s on-stage devastation or home stereo infiltration, Twiztid’s music will take you somewhere you’ve never been before. The scariest part is when you don’t want to come back…

The History of Twiztid

Madrox and Monoxide, the mindsick masterminds behind Twiztid, have always been driven by impulse. Some might say compulsion. Still others might call it a “homicidal tendency” or “clear case of insanity,” but the jury’s still out on that one. Literally. In fact, that’s all the lawyers will let us say about that.

Uncovering the truth of Twiztid’s early days depends on who you ask, which personality is in control, and which law enforcement agency you represent. Some speculate their first performance on the stage of life was in a petri dish at a science lab. Other sources claim a history of abandonment, rejection, and social isolation, but those are the boring sources. All fingers seem to point at Detroit’s east side, but any real records from that area have been destroyed or confiscated as evidence. Their earliest sightings are scattered but consistent: they usually involve microphones, and they all involve terror, confusion, and an almost hypnotic crowd reaction. And there’s usually a good beat. No matter what incidents or influences explain the origins of Twiztid, one thing is certain: their faces ain’t the only thing they’re hiding.

These are the facts as they can be traced: The duo came out of high school right into Detroit’s emerging underground rap scene. It was the early days of the “horrorcore” genre, which would invade hip-hop as “The Wicked Shit,” and they fit right in. They paid their deadly dues in several recording and performing groups, and one of them got noticed by another act making waves in the Wicked well; ICP thought Madrox and Monoxide would be a natural fit for Psychopathic Records—like the belt on a chainsaw, or an ax in a wound.

Madrox and Monoxide hooked up with the Psychopathic crew, and within the orgy of violence, volume, and facepaint that is “The Label That Runs Beneath the Streets,” Twiztid were conceived. Psychopathic cooked up a promotional campaign that was equal parts insane and innovative to introduce Twiztid to the world. It saw Twiztid behind safety glass in straightjackets at autograph signings. Twiztid wheeling ICP on dollies into events, Hannibal Lecter style. Twiztid in a bloody padded room on the cover of Alternative Press magazine. Twiztid on the Main Stage of the first ever Gathering of the Juggalos music festival (now on its tenth year). The fans were feelin it, like Ritalin kids off their meds, and Twiztid were established as figureheads in the Juggalo world.

Since their debut, Twiztid have released seven full-length albums, plus a maniacal myriad of compilations, collections, EPs, solo albums and side projects. Check them out at www.hatchetgear.com. Their other accomplishments include: Being invited by the G4 Network to perform on Freestyle 101. Being awarded “Album Cover of the Week” on VH1.com. Recording alongside Three 6 Mafia on the multi platinum album “When the Smoke Clears.” Appearing as playable characters in, and on the soundtrack of, the “Backyard Wrestling” Playstation Game. Playing the comic relief in the platinum selling DVD movie “Big Money Hustlas.” Radio interviews on the Howard Stern and Mancow shows. Appearing in WWE storylines.

Their genre-defining, moral-defiling album W.I.C.K.E.D. dropped with killer extras like a comic book, music video DVD, bonus tracks, and autographed, collectible trading cards! Not too bad for two Detroit guys whose daytime fantasy involves a roll of duct tape, a circular saw, and a music critic. The album performed above all expectations, much to the chagrin of the mainstream music industry. It debuted at #11 on the Billboard 200, #4 on the Top Rap Albums chart, and #1 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Heartbroken & Homicidal is the newest album by Twiztid and they have laid everything out on the line in this latest release. It is a musical odyssey through the bitterness, hate, and malice a person becomes engrossed in while suffering the loss and rejection accompanying everyday life. Twiztid have built their career on horror and what could be more heinous than the real heartache and agony that so many people are facing in this day and age?

Twiztid have made a deep, dark niche for themselves in the music industry, and so long as the glossy mainstream casts a shadow, they’ll be there to expose it for the rest of us…

Hed PE: (hed)p.e.’s newest release, Insomnia, is an exhibition in fusion between punk rock, hip hop, jazz, reggae, heavy metal, and thrash. Insomnia can’t be labeled and it can’t be described in words, in fact, to accurately write about Insomnia and its influences would take more than a page, with each bar of music containing a potpourri of genres. And that’s not to say (hed)p.e. has stopped pushing the musical envelope, straying further into the musical taboo than the mainstream. “There’s other times when we try and make it obvious,” notes Jared on (hed)p.e.’s lack of complacency fitting into a scene. “It’s more of a bipolar thing where we’re going straight from pure punk into pure hip hop.” That may not be standard, but they do it anyway.

As successful as (hed)p.e. has been in the past, they feel fate has brought them out of the purgatory called Koch Records, and into their new heavenly place, truly experiencing a rebirth since they signed with Suburban Noize Records prior to the release of Back 2 Base X. Spouting bands like Kottonmouth Kings, Tech N9ne, Rancid, and Insane Clown Posse as the level of cult status (hed)p.e. would like to eventually obtain by becoming club bangers and selling out night after night, they recognize Suburban Noize as the perfect fit to make it reality.

Lil Wyte: Lil Wyte has released 2 CDs; Phinally Phamous and Doubt Me Now

Lil Wyte began his career at 16 years old with the all-white neighborhood rap group, Shelby Forest Clique (SFC).

Lil Wyte and the Shelby Forest Clique had a demo made and gave it to DJ Paul and Juicy J who called the SFC back 1 hour later offering them a record deal.

A few months after the SFC signed the deal, the group ended up splitting up. Lil Wyte recognized the opportunity at hand and stepped up, trying even harder.

Lil Wyte's first album, Doubt Me Now, produced by DJ Paul and Juicy J of Three Six Mafia, sold over 150,000 copies independently.

Lil Wyte's hit music video "I Sho Will" got play time on MTV.

Lil Wyte is working on bringing a group out under his record label, Wyte Records, called "Thug Therapy".

Lil Wyte owns a jacket that says 'American Negro League'

At 7 years old, Lil Wyte knew all of the lyrics to 'Baby Got Back'

Lil Wyte got his name from his friend in middle school, Lil Black

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